Automotive Equipment

- agency and dealer of Henschel bodies, Konar body work and Tecno Draulic stabilizer booms
Dropside and tipper







Henschel Engineering has specialized in the production of 3-way tippers and drop side bodies for trucks up to 7.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight. The finish and durability meets the high customer demands for professional vehicles that are being exposed to intense daily use.

     Truck specialist







Konar is customizing truck-, semitrailer- and trailer equipment for the transport industri. In addition, the company is offering concept based solutions, adapted for specific product segments.










Tecno Draulic is producing a wide selection of stabilizer booms.

The stabilizers are designed for crane size up to 180 tm. 

The stabilizers complies to the applicable CE-norms as well as the demands for trouble free installation and handling on the nordic market.

Tecno Draulic is an utmost serious and flexible supplier.

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